North Pole Solo 2004


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Wishes for a Safe Journey

Dear Mr. Vidmar,

We are 6th graders in Uzbekistan. We go to Tashkent International School. We have been learning about your expedition and we hope you have fun and are safe from the polar bears! We will be watching your Website to see how you are doing.

William (Marshall Islands): I hope you donít get hurt and you donít have to use your shotgun.

Kilian (Germany): I wish you luck on your daring adventure. I hope you survive. You are a very courageous person.

Inbal (Israel): We will be thinking about you.

Da Ae (S. Korea): We know you are inspired by Galileo and Isaac Newton and we are also learning about them. We think you also inspire us.

Oleg (Uzbekistan): I hope U have a good time.

Daniyal (Pakistan): Good luck!

Benno (Germany): I hope your GPS and other equipment works. We learned how to use a GPS this week and it was kind of hard. You seem very athletic the way you sky-dive.

Shuvodra (Bangladesh): I hope you donít fall in the water accidentally. You are brave to travel to the North Pole. I hope you donít get hypothermia. I hope you donít feel lonely. If you feel lonely, remember us thinking about you.

Dilnoza (Uzbekistan): We read about you. We wish you everything good. I think your work is very interesting. If somebody asked us to go to the North Pole I would be very happy to go.

Iskander (Uzbekistan): I hope your equipment doesnít fail. You are a very optimistic person.

Alex (New Zealand): I read you are bringing angel hair pasta with you. I hope you have a tasty sauce to put on it! It looks like you have a lot of bags of food to carry. I think it would be to pull tires.

Ms. Dietz (USA): I noticed you cycled across America. I did the same a few years ago with supportóI admire you doing it without! Thanks for sharing your experience with students around the world. Our class is already very interested in your expedition. Best wishes!!!

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