North Pole Solo 2004


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Introducing the Expedition

Wave Vidmar

Wave Vidmar
1st American to attempt a solo unsupported expedition to the North Pole

In all human affairs there are efforts and there are results...


Talk to Wave Live
Two lucky classrooms will have an opportunity to talk with Wave live from the North Pole via satellite phone!!!
Learn more

pixel.gif Prioritize Student Achievement Objectives

We recommend that teachers prioritize the skills and objectives that they want to address, as students participate in the expedition. Typically, these include:

  • increased knowledge in subject content (science, social studies, etc)
  • literacy (reading)
  • communications (speaking, writing)
  • cultural awareness
  • language learning
  • career awareness
  • teamwork and collaboration skills
  • technology skills
  • increased parental involvement

Select Method of Assessment

Before you begin the activity, decide how you will measure student achievement. The method that you use for assessment will be determined by how you prioritized achievement objectives. Examples of assessment might include:

  • standardized tests
  • writing samples
  • teacher observation checklists
  • student projects (online or offline)
  • student motivation

Introduce Discussion Questions

A diverse sampling of discussion questions are presented for each subject category, as a way to introduce the expedition into your classroom.  They are meant to serve as a starting point. Teachers can select the questions that best align with their student age levels and achievement objectives.

Review Glossary

Can you get hypothermia from pancake ice? How many different terms for ice are there? If you are not sure, your students might want to review the list of specialized expedition vocabulary we have compiled. Learn more

Select Starter Activities

A variety of different starter activities within each subject category are provided. Select the activities that best support your student achievement objectives and your local content standards.

Explore Resource Links

North Pole Resources
If you really want to maximize your learning experiences, you are encouraged to explore the supplemental resource links. You will find excellent resource links about North Pole history, weather, wildlife, maps, and indigenous people. Learn more

Project-Based Learning Resources
The Internet has made the world smaller. Of particular significance is the ability for students, teachers and researchers to use the web as a tool for interaction, collaboration, distance education, cultural understanding and cooperative research -- with peers around the globe. Whether you're just starting out, or ready for advanced levels -- these resources will help you to effectively implement collaborative, project-based learning in your classroom. Learn more

Join Expedition Learning Community

Wave is traveling to the North Pole solo. But, he really wants to know who else is following his adventures. So, if you are participating in this expedition, you are invited to Sign our Guestmap

pixel.gif pixel.gif pixel.gif Educational Activities

Project Overview

Getting Started

Lessons & Activities

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Acceptable Online Behavior
The use of the Internet as part of an educational program is a privilege. It is highly recommended that each student who has access the Internet be provided acceptable use training. Please review our acceptable use Guidelines for Good Global Citizens.




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