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Invitation from Wave Vidmar

Wave Vidmar

Wave Vidmar
1st American to attempt a solo unsupported expedition to the North Pole

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Two lucky classrooms will have an opportunity to talk with Wave live from the North Pole via satellite phone!!!
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Noth Pole Solo 2004
January 10, 2004

Dear Students and Teachers,

This February 2004, I will be leaving Oakland, California, and heading to the geographic North Pole where I will be hiking, skiing and swimming solo for approximately 60 days across 660 miles. I will be the first American to ever attempt this journey.

I am writing to personally  invite you to check out the weekly reports and accompanying digital photos that Iíll be transmitting from the North Pole and posting on the web site.  These reports will discuss my experiences along the journey, as well as provide information about different components of the North Pole's ecosystem. Report topics will likely include: an introduction to North Pole, motivation techniques, survival training, the elements of wind and sun, glaciers, water systems, communications, nutrition (what I eat) and environmental management (i.e. what I do with my poop and garbage).  The first report will be posted sometime during the week of February 25.

The true mission of this expedition is to inspire others to attempt their own goals and dreams in life. Knowing that your students are following along will help me accomplish my goal. I will be excited to hear from your students and respond to their questions and ideas via email.  My education partner, Global SchoolNet, will be organizing a variety of  interactive learning activities for participating students. And, two lucky classrooms will have the amazing opportunity to talk with me via satellite phone - live from the North Pole!

To register for this project, please send an email to and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name of your school or organization
  • Location of your school or organization
  • Grade level of your students
  • Number of students in your class

You will be notified via email when new information is posted.

I hope that you and your students will take the advantage of this history making opportunity to learn about North Pole with me -- and of course, have fun!

To learn more, go to

Wave Vidmar
Envision - Inspire - Accomplish!

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