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Wave Vidmar

Wave Vidmar
1st American to attempt a solo unsupported expedition to the North Pole

If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams...

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pixel.gif Talk to Wave Live from the North Pole!

Two lucky classrooms will have an opportunity to talk to Wave live from the North Pole via satellite phone!!!

Every classroom that "participates" in the online portion of North Pole Solo expedition will have the opportunity to be selected for this honor. There are a variety of ways that students can demonstrate that they have participated -- and every valid contribution, will enter their school into a drawing to be selected.

Important announcements and updates about the expedition can be read at GSN-expeditions-list.

NOTE: You may participate in any or all of the "sharing" activities.

Motivational Quotes

  • Wave's journey will certainly inspire kids. But, can kids also inspire Wave? Students are asked to submit their favorite motivational quotations. These can be "famous" quotations or they can be original creations by the students. We will compile the list on the web site to serve as inspiration to Wave and other students worldwide.
    Submit quotes here
  • See participant contributions

Creative Captions

  • Wave will be sending back digital photos. Students are challenged use their imagination and creativity to come up with interesting or clever captions for the photos. We will publish the best entries on the website.
    Click here to see images or submit captions.

Sound Bite Essays

  • Students are asked to tell us in 100 words (or less) how following the North Pole Sole 2004 expedition has impacted their lives (i.e. did they learn new things, become inspired, meet new people from other countries, etc.). We will publish the best entries on the website.
    Submit essays here
  • See participant contributions

North Pole Solo Treasure Hunt

  • Students are asked to create a "treasure hunt" comprised of ten questions that will help others learn more about the North Pole Solo expedition.  We will publish the best entries on the website.

  • All of the answers to the questions must be able to be found within the web pages.

As example:

Q. What are the three words that Wave uses to describe his philosophy?

A. Envision, Inspire, Accomplish
found on

NOTE: Use any webquest tool to create
the treasure hunt and then submit the URL.
 Some free webquest tools can be found at:

Submit webquests here
See participant contributions

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