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Wave Vidmar

Wave Vidmar
1st American to attempt a solo unsupported expedition to the North Pole

Each progressive spirit is opposed by ...

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Explorer Mathew Henson

pixel.gif Purpose:

Students will gain knowledge and skills in geography, map reading, arctic history, and cultural awareness.

Discussion Questions:

  • Describe the geography of the North Pole.
  • Which direction would you travel to get to the North Pole?
  • In what ways is the North Pole the same or different from the South Pole?
  • When was the North Pole first explored and by whom?
  • What do you think were some of the hardships and obstacles the early polar explorers faced?
  • What natural resources are found at the North Pole?
  • What role does the North Pole play in global economics?
  • Describe the history and culture of the Inuit people.
  • Many researchers believe that the first immigrants came to North America from Siberia via a narrow strip of land called the Bering Land Bridge. What are some other theories?

Suggested Activities:

  • Using a map, determine which five countries comprise the border of the Arctic region.
  • Create a timeline listing the major historical events related to the North Pole.
  • Divide students in small groups and have each group generate an inventory list of items they would take with them on a solo trip to the North Pole. Have the groups compare lists.
  • The Arctic region has great natural resources with considerable human and economic potential. Have students read the article "Preservation, Petroleum, and Politics," and list the differing positions held by the interested parties in the debate - including the various economic, social, political, and cultural factors.

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