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Introduction to Searching the Internet
Information Resources
Human Resources
Digital Resources
Finding Digital Resources
Evaluating Internet Resources
Organizing Your Research
Topic-Oriented Research Directories
Search Engines
Primary Document Resources
1. Topic-Oriented Directories
2. Search Engines
a. The Language of Search Engines
b. Advantages of Search Engines
c. Disadvantages of Search Engines
d. List of Search Engines
3. Net-Smarts -- or becoming Netwise
4. S.E.A.R.C.H.

2.d. List of Search Engines

Here are quick links to popular search engines to get you off to a fast start. If you don't find it in a topical index, you'll probably find something here.

Search Microsoft® Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Live Internet Connection Required
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Search Article Titles Search Full Text
Alta Vista com Live Internet Connection Required
Excite Live Internet Connection Required
HotBot Live Internet Connection Required
Infoseek Live Internet Connection Required
Lycos Live Internet Connection Required

Meta Search Engines (search engines that search other search engines)

MetaCrawler Live Internet Connection Required
DogPile Live Internet Connection Required
Highway 61 Live Internet Connection Required

Section : Finding Digital Resources
Page 1: Topic-Oriented Directories
Page 2: Search Engines
a: The Language of Search Engines
b: Advantages of Search Engines
c: Disadvantages of Search Engines
d: List of Search Engines
Page 3: Net-Smarts -- or becoming Netwise
Page 4: S.E.A.R.C.H.

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