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Digital Resources

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Detection is or ought to be, an exact science. . .

Sherlock Holmes
The Sign of Four

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In the old days (less than ten years ago) surfing the Internet was very much like using DOS. You typed cryptic incantations on the keyboard to move from computer to computer over the Internet, from continent to continent. The language was called UNIX and it was not at all unlike moving from drive to drive and copying files with DOS.

The major hardship was the fact that if you wanted a file from a computer at the University of Southern California, you had to know the IP number of that computer, the directory that housed the file, and the filename. Someone had to have told you about that file or you had to have read about it somewhere.

Yet many people used this technology, because even then it was a vast and unique resource for a wide variety of digital information: text, images, sounds, movie clips, and computer software. Today, not only is the Internet many times larger, hold vastly more digital information, and infinitely easier to use, but there are a variety of useful tools that help us find the information that we need.

Section 1: Finding Digital Resources
Section 2: Evaluating Internet Resources
Section 3: Organizing Your Research

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