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It is impossible to know just how many people are on the Internet. Estimates range from tens of millions to over a hundred million people. It is possible, however, to make some generalizations about these people.
  • They are mostly from the industrial world, although the developing world is coming on at a rapid pace.
  • For the most part, English is a language that they have in common, although, as the developing world comes on-line, more Internet users will prefer languages other than English.
  • They are educated or at least literate.  They understand and have access to computers, and they have a desire to be part of a global, digital community.
  • They seek information and most are willing to contribute information.

With this in mind, educators should look upon this world of networked people as a valuable source of information that is accessible and includes a wide range of perspectives.

Part 1: E-mail
Part 2: Mailing Lists
Part 3: Organizing Messages

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