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Evaluating Internet Resources
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1. Problems to Look For
2. Sample Evaluation Tools
3. Goals-based Evaluation

Evaluating Internet-based Resources

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The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution, if you only know how to use it.

Sherlock Holmes
The Six Napoleons

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There was a time, only a few years ago, when all you had to say was, "I got this information from the Internet," and it was considered gospel. At that time, the only people who could publish there worked at research centers and Universities, and the information was scholarly by nature.

Today, just about anyone can publish on the Internet. You do not have to go through editors and your information is instantly available to a global audience at almost no charge. This presents some problems for those of us who use information, but it is important to note that these problems are neither unique nor brand new. Critical evaluation of information has been necessary since humankind first learned to communicate and it has been part of most curriculums for years. But never before has it become so easy for so many to communicate so effectively and so broadly. This presents a special challenge to schools.

Section: Evaluating Internet Resources
Page 1: Problems to Look For
Page 2: Sample Evaluation Tools
Page 3: Goals-based Evaluation

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