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Introduction to Searching the Internet
Information Resources
Human Resources
Digital Resources
Finding Digital Resources
Evaluating Internet Resources
Organizing Your Research
Topic-Oriented Research Directories
Search Engines
Primary Document Resources
1. Topic-Oriented Directories
2. Search Engines
a. The Language of Search Engines
b. Advantages of Search Engines
c. Disadvantages of Search Engines
d. List of Search Engines
3. Net-Smarts -- or becoming Netwise
4. S.E.A.R.C.H.

2.b. Advantages of using Search Engines

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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,  however improbable, must be the truth.

Sherlock Holmes
The Sign of Four

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There are three very compelling advantages of most search engines.

  1. The indexes of search engines are usually vast, representing significant portions of the Internet, offering a wide variety and quantity of information resources.
  2. The growing sophistication of search engine software enables us to precisely describe the information that we seek.
  3. The large number and variety of search engines enriches the Internet, making it at least appear to be organized.

Section : Finding Digital Resources
Page 1: Topic-Oriented Directories
Page 2: Search Engines
a: The Language of Search Engines
b: Advantages of Search Engines
c: Disadvantages of Search Engines
d: List of Search Engines
Page 3: Net-Smarts -- or becoming Netwise
Page 4: S.E.A.R.C.H.

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