So Much Despair - Artists Who Care

Media Alert: January 27, 2010

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Susette Andres, The Other Otherz
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So Much Despair - Artists Who Care

Deadline to submit extended to June 1, 2010

REBUILDING HAITI: Music, art and video project to help Haitian youth, educators rebuild schools following earthquake

Artists across the globe and of all ages are being recruited in a musical effort to help rebuild schools in Haiti and raise awareness of worldwide catastrophes.

The "So Much Despair - Artists Who Care" project asks contestants to submit an original video, artwork or photograph that depicts the lyrics to a new song written by Los Angeles musicians Susette Andres and Jeff Mattern of the band The Other Otherz, who were inspired by the plight of the Haitian people following the January 2010 earthquake.

"I am so saddened by the disaster in Haiti and the awful things going on all over the world that I have shed many tears and racked my brain trying to figure out the best way that I could help relieve the pain and suffering," said Andres, whose song also includes references to worldwide hunger, homelessness, the financial crises and the flooding of New Orleans after Katrina.  "I'm not rich. So I reacted as I always do to things that strike me so hard emotionally. I wrote a song."

The song, "So Much Despair," will be on the Other Otherz next release, "Slept Through it All" and is now available for download on iTunes.

Susette Andres has partnered with her sister, Yvonne Marie Andres, the founder of Encinitas, California-based Global SchoolNet, an international nonprofit education organization, to inspire classroom projects and individual submissions to the competition. "Our hearts go out to the Haitians," said Yvonne Andres. "Global SchoolNet connects two million students and teachers from 190 countries worldwide, so we are a great network to raise awareness and money. My sister Susette and I hope that this project will inspire people to get involved, to take action and to help reduce the world's despair," said Yvonne.

Participants are asked to download the song "So Much Despair" from iTunes or Amazon for 99 cents. Proceeds from the 99-cent download will go to a charity working to rebuild schools in Haiti.

Additional donations can be made through the Just Give section of GlobalSchoolNet at

Competition winners will be selected by a panel of volunteer judges from the music and education community.  The videos and artwork will be showcased on Global SchoolNet's website and the winner of the best music video will be credited on The Other Otherz' soon to be released CD titled "Slept Through it All."

Three top classroom projects from the US will receive a pizza party and $200 provided by Pacino's Italian Spaghetti factory in Tehachapi, California. Owner Frank Spaccerelli said, "It would be an honor to continue our gift giving in order to support this project and help those less fortunate."

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About GlobalSchoolNet:

Global SchoolNet's mission is to support 21st century learning and improve academic performance through content driven collaboration. We engage teachers and K-12 students in meaningful project learning exchanges worldwide to develop science, math, literacy and communication skills, foster teamwork, civic responsibility and collaboration, encourage workforce preparedness and create multi-cultural understanding.  We prepare youth for full participation as productive and effective citizens in an increasing global economy. Founded in 1984, GSN is a 501(c)3 non-profit education organization with 90,000 members from 190 countries.

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 About Susette Andres, Jeff Mattern and The Other Otherz:

Susette Andres, songwriter and drummer for The Other Otherz, was co- founder of Polygram recording artist Precious Metal and was a member of the bands Wyld Hearts and Bombshell. She and songwriting partner Jeff Mattern co-wrote "So Much Despair" and have written music for TV, movies, commercials and other artists under the name Strum and Drum. Colleen Bromsey, back-up vocalist, is one of the founding members.

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