CyberFair Timeline

Special Request for Volunteer Project Reviewers:
We also invite additional adult members of the Internet Community to review International Schools CyberFair 2022 Projects between Friday, 1 April, '22 and Friday, 22 April, '22. Your reviews will be part of the official judging process, and they will greatly benefit the classes you review. Learn More
(Do not register as a volunteer if you have submitted a project.)

Registered projects: If you have already registered your project, you may View your personal check list to complete the milestones listed in the timeline below. (You must be registered for International Schools CyberFair 2022 to view your personal checklist.)

  1. CyberFair Project Registration Is Now Open!
    Thursday, 7 October, '21 - Tuesday, 15 March, '22
    Click here to register now!
    Registration is closed after Tuesday, 15 March, '22 (11:59 P.M. UTC-8 U.S. Pacific).

    Register your school to participate as soon as possible.

    After you register, we'll put you on our list to receive important updates.

    Remember, you may come back and update your information at any time.

  2. Review Rules and Theme
    Thursday, 7 October, '21 - Tuesday, 15 March, '22

    Review the following pages, and then develop your project to align with CyberFair goals and theme

  3. Conduct research and build web pages
    Thursday, 7 October, '21 - Thursday, 10 March, '22

    Begin organizing your students, conducting research and building your web pages as soon as possible so that you can pace yourself.

    Review the evaluation rubric at the link below so that you'll know how to organize and present your information.

    Start with the key elements and add the "bells and whistles" if time permits. Remember that your learning experience counts much more than your site's "bells and whistles".

  4. Review the Evaluation Process and Rubric
    Thursday, 7 October, '21 - Thursday, 10 March, '22

    Print out the Evaluation Rubric and use it to review the criteria with your students.

  5. Upload and test web pages on your server
    Saturday, 30 October, '21 - Thursday, 10 March, '22

    Be sure to upload and test your web pages before the upload deadline. If you wait until the last minute you might run into unforeseen problems and not have time to correct them.

    You may post your project on any available Web server. There are many companies that offer free or inexpensive Web site hosting. Please select a host that does not publish offensive or inappropriate advertisements.

    NOTICE: You may NOT make any changes to your web project pages after peer review begins!

  6. Create your Bibliography Page
    Saturday, 30 October, '21 - Thursday, 10 March, '22

    Your project must include a page that cites the sources for your project's information. When you complete your project narrative, you must include a link to that page. Therefore, you should create your bibliography page before you attempt to complete the narrative. The bibliography does not need to be edited in final form until peer review begins.

    Your bibliography must also list the names of the people who helped you to assemble your Web pages. If you received no help, your bibliography should state that.

    The Citation Machine link below will help you generate appropriate bibliographic entries for your bibliography page. Just copy and paste the citations into your HTML editor and make sure that the URL's included are hot links that work when you click on them.

  7. Complete your Project Narrative
    Saturday, 30 October, '21 - Tuesday, 15 March, '22

    Your project must contain a Project Narrative that provides important information about your project to the judges and other viewers of your site.

    Submit your project narrative by logging into your Project Checklist.

    You must submit your Narrative before you can submit your Final Project Notice.

  8. Submit your Final Entry Notice
    Monday, 3 January, '22 - Tuesday, 15 March, '22

    Important: In order to qualify for judging as an official CyberFair Project, you must notify us by submitting your Final Entry Notice in your Project Checklist. We will send you email confirmation 1-2 days after you submit your Notice. If you don't receive this confirmation within 2-3 days, you may Click Here to Contact Us. Please also include your project ID number.

    Since it takes us up to a full week to prepare your peer review assignments, we can't accept late Final Entry Notices after the deadline.

    You may continue working on your Web pages until peer review officially begins. After that time you may not make any further changes to your web site.

  9. Complete six peer reviews of other sites.
    Friday, 1 April, '22 - Friday, 22 April, '22

    You and/or your students must review 6 other projects. This is an important step because your reviews are part of the official judging process.

    Plan adequate time on your calendar for the Peer Review process. Introduce and discuss the criteria with your students before peer review begins. Schedule time during the weeks of peer review.

    We also invite responsible adults to participate in this part of the judging process by registering to be a volunteer reviewer.

  10. Find Out How You Ranked
    Monday, 9 May, '22 - Friday, 30 September, '22

    Look on the Winners' Page for final rankings of the top projects in each category.

  11. View Peer Reviews submitted on your project
    Monday, 9 May, '22 - Friday, 30 September, '22

    View the scores and comments reviewers submitted on your project.

  12. Print Certificate of Participation
    Tuesday, 10 May, '22 - Friday, 30 September, '22

    You can print copies of our official Certificate of Participation for each of your students.