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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: Approved Projects (all participants)
Subject: CyberFair 2020 Deadline Extended or Project-in-Progress
Date: 10 Mar 2020 12:08 PST (GMT -8)

Dear CyberFair 2020 Participants,

Your health and safety is a priority for us.

We are aware that a growing number of schools have canceled in-person classes because of the coronavirus. And, people all over the world are being discouraged from spending time in public places.

For these reasons, we understand that means that many of you will not be able to complete your CyberFair 2020 projects by the original deadline.



The deadline to submit projects has been extended to March 30, 2020.


If you find yourself running short on time, we encourage you to submit your project as a "Project-in-Progress." If you do so, and review 6 entries from other schools, you will still get the benefit of the educational experience. Many teachers have told us that the peer review process and having their students work with the evaluation rubric was the most valuable part of the program.

- Project in Progress is designated in the "Final Project Notice" section. However, you must complete the narrative before you can do that.

- Complete as many fields as you can in the narrative. This is a good "reflective" piece that will get students thinking and talking about their learning experience.

- Enter "Inc" for the items that you are not able or prepared to answer.

- Then submit your narrative and submit your Final Project Notice.

- Answer the yes/no certifications and select "Project-in-Progress."

In any case, we will keep you on the information mailing list for next year.


CyberFair Support Team

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