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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: All Reviewers (Includes Projects & Volunteers)
Subject: READ NOW: 6 Quick Tips for Peer Review
Date: 07 Apr 2017 14:27 PST (GMT -8)

READ NOW: 6 Quick Tips for Peer Review => You are receiving this message because you are a CyberFair participant - or a volunteer reviewer.

*IMPORTANT: All reviews MUST be completed by April 17. Login to your checklist to access your Review Assignments:

Here are SIX quick tips and reminders regarding your CyberFair Peer Reviews.

1. View your assignments and submit your reviews at:

2. Do NOT leave your reviews until the last minute. Students depend on you to give their project a FAIR and COMPLETE review.

3. Your reviews are IMPORTANT: The success of CyberFair depends on you completing and submitting your 6 assigned reviews. Therefore, we DEPEND on you completing your assigned reviews on time.

4. CyberFair Schools: Reviews are MANDATORY: In order to be considered for final recognition, you MUST submit your assigned reviews.

5. If scheduling problems prevent students from finishing the required reviews, please complete and submit the reviews yourself by the deadline. Remember, the success of the program depends on your reviews.

6. What to do if you cannot connect to a project URL:

If you KNOW that your school has BLOCKED the ISP hosting the web project, please contact us with this information and we will attempt to replace this project assignment. Otherwise, when you cannot connect to a URL it could be due to a number of problems:

* Some school servers have problems staying up all the time. Send email to the teacher letting them know you are trying to review their site so they can make sure their technical people are on top of the problem.

* The network connections to that site may be overloaded. Try earlier or later in the day and see if the connections may be better at a different time.

* There may be a problem with the URL you are using. You may want to contact the teachers of the site you are reviewing to ask about this problem. In any of the cases above, you should always try the site 1-2 times over a period of several days.

If you STILL cannot connect to this site, please give that site all zeros on the evaluation and make a note in the COMMENTS section that you were unable to connect to their site. Please include the kind of ERROR MESSAGE your browser was giving you and how many times you tried. We will consider this problem and the causes of the problem when we are tabulating the scores.

Participants: Congratulations on completing your project!

We know this is a huge task. We hope that, regardless of the outcome, you and your students feel successful. You deserve to be proud of your work. We wish you much success.


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