Santa Claus

Letters to Santa

The Santa Letters... since 1985

Welcome to the Letters to Santa Project!  This was the very first project conducted in 1985 on our pioneering FrEdMail Network (using Apple IIe and 300 baud modems).It continues to be an annual Global Schoolhouse favorite.

Around the world, Santa Claus plays an important role in a multitude of cultures. In the United States, he has become a true American folk icon.

When you register for this project, we match you up with a partner classroom with which your students exchange their "Santa Letters:" Younger students write letters "to" Santa; Older students impersonate Santa and send their carefully crafted replies.

Our guidelines and materials have been used successfully with thousands of happy classes who find this to be a motivating and rewarding experience. Please take the time to review these resources to find out how the project works.

Then, you have two ways to participate in a Santa Letters Project:

In the meantime, you may find this video on our project interesting

Letters to Santa Video - 1985