Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus (2022 CyberFair Project ID 8608)
Taiwan, New Taipei City
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 7. Environmental Awareness

We estimate 6 student(s) from 15 to 17 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: Taiwan is a small island that contains a variety of species, but its land and natural resources are limited, let alone helpers and volunteers. In fact, our community is similar to an ecosystem, and each member ought to stay aware of protecting the environment. Therefore, our community won’t ever be destroyed as long as everyone gets involved in algal reef problems.

Project Description: Our project is mainly to study the causes of events, protests about the Datan algal reef, advantages and disadvantages for the environment in Taiwan after the result of the referendum, and methods of environmental protection through field surveys, data analysis, detailed investigations and experts’ advice.

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