Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Kang Chiao International School (Middle School) (2019 CyberFair Project ID 8434)
Taiwan, New Taipei City
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 2. Community Groups and Special Populations

We estimate 10 student(s) from 13 to 15 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: Taiwan, an island nation once named Formosa, which means "beautiful island", is filled with beauty of both nature and humans. In the quiet community of Zhong-zheng, Taipei City, people are living happily, not because they're rich, but rather because they are lucky. In the community, a plan which benefits the people who can't afford food had started. The plan is to recycle food that is edible from markets that do not sell well and make them into delicious meals. The plan also included a food bank that allows people to exchange food with points that will be provided to the "members". However, the plan not only provided food for those in need, it also offer "classes" to old people or children that don't have family members to take care of them. This continuously growing project has benefited a massive number of children and elders in the community.

Project Description: Our project is to head into the community of Zhong-Zheng and learn how the market and restaurants work together to help elders and children who are in need. We want to understand more about sharing foods between the elders and how the community center help kids in their education and many other aspects. We will gather our information and organize them into a website to show our ideas and understand of the topic.

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