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Global Learn Day IX
October 2005
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Canada & United States Program

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Time: 18:00 GMT, Sunday, November 21, 2004. Click here for your local time.

Note: This 10 a.m. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and in San Diego, California.

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Canada and the United States Roundtable Topic Sessions:
1. Global Friendship Through Education
2. Funding

John Hibbs, Leader, Funding
Yvonne Andres, Co-founder of Global SchoolNet, will lead a discussion with project-based learning champions around the USA -- about the importance of creating global friendships through education.
Panelists: See schedule
Greg Fitzgerald, Online Expeditions
Jerrie Ueberle, US-China Education Conference
Monica Cougan, Videoconferencing and problem-based learning
Lucie deLaBruere, Tech Savvy Girls
Lisa Monteith, PBL and high achieving students
Kim Liegel, Project Management Fundamentals
Stephen Downes will give a Welcome to the Americas Keynote, Stephen will be speaking to us from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canada and the United States portion of Global Learn Day VIII's program concludes at 22:00 GMT and the Global Learn Day program moves on to the Central Pacific Region. This will be 2 p.m. in Vancounver, British Columbia, Canada.

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