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 Global Learn Day
Worldwide Celebration of Learning!
Global Learn Day IX
October 2005
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Global Learn Day

Global Learn Day VIII - November 21, 2004

"It's like the Academy Awards for global education,"
says GLD founder John Hibbs.

What is Global Learn Day?

Global Learn Day is the breathtaking initiative of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education. The institute promotes distance education and technology in the conviction that such undertakings will accelerate learning achievement through affordable application of new tools and innovative pedagogic practices.

Global Learn Day is now in it's eighth year...a round the world "voyage" that showcases extraordinary people doing exceptional work in all 24 time zones. We open the event in the South Pacific - where the planet begins the new day - and then we travel west with "stops" in several dozen locations to learn what others are doing to advance learning in their part of the globe.

Global SchoolNet has supported this undertaking from the start and is proud to be a "lead player" and co-organizer of Global Learn Day VIII.


How does Global Learn Day work?

A combination of web-based applications and POTS (plain old telephone) is used. Each presenter provides a web-based profile that includes information about their topic, images URLS, and web-based slideshows.
  • Panelists call in via telephone to make their audio presentations via Talking Communities
  • Audio presentations are supplemented with web-based slides
  • Audience listens via the Internet and can submit questions to the panelist via chat/email or audio
  • Both the web portion and audio portion of the presentations are archived for future playback by anyone with a web browser

Ambassador Marc Grossman
Under Secretary Political Affairs
Introduces Global Learn Day VII

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Learn more about State Department sponsored programs including, "It's Academic," Partnerships for Learning, Fullbright Exchange, Doors to Diplomacy Competition, and more...

Marc Grossman introduces Global Learn Day

About Ambassador Marc Grossman


Global Learn Day will serve as the concluding event for
Education Week November 15 19, 2004
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Global Learn Day
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