Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Saint Louis University Laboratory High School (2012 Doors to Diplomacy Project ID 7263)
Philippines, Benguet, Baguio City
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 1. Leadership Traits

We estimate 4 student(s) from 14 to 15 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Team: "Ian O. - an energetic and hardworking person.Our main mover of our project. Aaron C. -silent but deadly when he becomes angry. Bruce C. - he is not that intelligent but serious always in projects. Jethro B. - intelligent and eager to win."

Project Description: "In our project, we will be talking about the leadership traits of our president Benigno Simeon Cojuancgo Aquino. We will be having researches about his background, and how he became a leader. Because through his leadership traits, we can apply it to ourselves too. The website we will be publishing will be informational, we will also update his recent projects that he made, we will make sure we can accomplish this through teamwork, cooperation, and faith in God. The things we can also add in our website is his history, from the family tree of leadership, his parents, down to his blood of a true leader. Well everybody says we have leadership within us, and with this website, we can promote it and show the world that we, too, can also be a leader on our own lives. We can be a leader to have the power to show teamwork, unity, bonding, and most of all the love we can show to our partner or to our society. This website would stand us the message and the source of all teamwork, even though this team has a slow progress we would still believe in ourselves that we can do it. Back to the project, we would also place the resources that we used in case we make researches, we would also be trying to make our website the best masterpiece our hearts can do. Although the creativity among us are that weak, we could still make it. We, the team circle, will also show the recent activities and the past activities of our president, this activities he conducted can be the best example of showing leadership to our country. Through this plans of the team, we will be hoping that our project would be a success and a symbolism of being proud to be a Filipino. "

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