US Russia Education Youth Priorities

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  • Promote a collaborative process for Russian and American youth educators to share best practices.
  • Offer authentic educational opportunities that increase understanding between Russian and American youth.
  • Provide opportunities for youth involvement in decision making and development processes.

  Opening Doors to Collaboration - promoting collaborative project-based activities about youth volunteerism, service-learning, and successful models of collaboration between schools and NGOs that support new education standards in the US and Russia.

Opening Doors to Collaboration (Russian Version)

  CyberFair: Connecting Through Youth Volunteerism - challenging youth to use digital media (web/video) to share their personal stories about best practices in "youth volunteerism." Youth publish a story online about an organization or special cause for which  they volunteer their time (e.g. museums, parks, beach clean-up, hospitals, senior facilities, disaster relief, Humane Society).  Winners are announced in May and projects telling the best stories about volunteerism received prizes.

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