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Global SchoolNet at NECC 2003 Seattle, June - July 2003

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SIGTel Forum - Yvonne A. SIGTel Forum - Dalia N. SIGTel Forum - Karen E.
SIGTel Forum - Judy H. SIGTel Forum - Attendees SIGTel Forum- Diane M.
GSN Award Dinner GSN Award Dinner GSN Award Dinner
Award Dinner - Michelle Award Dinner - Brenda Award Dinner - Dalia
Award Dinner Award Dinner GSN Board of Directors
Spotlight Session Spotlight Session Spotlight Session - Yvonne
Karen - Spotlight Session Brenda, Dalia - Spotlight Session Brenda - Spotlight Session
Spotlight Session Announcing the GSN Award Winner! A check for $7,500
A check and an award plaque Brenda D.- Another GSN winner! Karen passes the torch to Dalia

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