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Harnessing the Power of the Web - Evaluating a Project
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As you saw in the last section, finding projects is easy. Before you sign up for a project, however, review the questions below. Some will be more important to you than others. If the project announcement or materials donít address your concerns, feel free to e-mail the project host and ask for additional project information or clarification so your important questions are answered.

1. Curriculum:

  • What do I want my students to learn from participating in the project?
  • Is this project the best way for students to learn this objective?
  • Will this project supplement my curriculum, or can it stand alone?
  • What activities should we do as a class before, during, and after the project?
  • Does the project cover more than one subject area?
  • Will the project satisfy my school-district or grade-level requirements for the subject area?
  • Will students learn about more than just technology?

2. Experience:

  • What does the project require?
  • Do my students or I need to know how to attach files, forward e-mail, or set up an address book, download files, or search the Internet?
  • Are there applications my class must know how to use?
  • Does the project have any prerequisites regarding computer experience, previous project participation, or curriculum requirements?
  • Does the project require me to use mailing lists or video conferencing?

3. Grade Level:

  • What grade level is the project for?
  • If the project is for all grades (K-12), how will I make sure my students learn the curriculum required for their own grade?
  • How can I vary the project to make it appropriate for my grade level?
  • Do the site, project announcement, or project host offer suggestions for expanding and enriching the curriculum?
  • Will this project meet the needs of all students in my class, or is it for a certain skill level?

4. Grouping:

  • Will individual students contribute data, or will they work in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class?
  • Will all students work on different parts of a research project, or will they all conduct the same research and produce similar contributions?
  • Does everyone in the class participate, or is the project designed for only a few students?
  • Who will consolidate and report the information?
Harnessing The Power Of The Web
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