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Harnessing the Power of the Web
This guide will help you to understand collaborative, project-based learning on the Internet. We use the term NetPBL (Networked, Project-Based Learning) to describe this kind of learning.

These resources will help you introduce your students to powerful educational experiences grounded in student-centered, project-based learning well-supported in the literature. Whether you're just starting out or ready for advanced levels, this guide will help you.

Finding Network Projects
If you're new to online collaborative learning, this quick-start guide will help you find and join ready-to-go, networked learning projects.
Making Networked Projects
An introduction to planning and conducting your own simple, networked, collaborative-learning projects.

Access a comprehensive guide to building a student Web project at the Global Schoolhouse's Harnessing the Power of the Web archives.

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Harnessing the Power of the Web

Finding Networked Projects

Making Networked Projects

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