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Basic Project Information

Title: Zoo/Animal Centered Global Collaboration (ID:3960)

Begin & End Dates: 4/04/16 to 5/06/16 (Completed)

Number of Classrooms: No limit

Age Range:  5 - 12 Years

Target Audience: Anyone

Summary: Teachers would participate in a zoo/animal-centered professional development. Ideally, their classes would then go on a zoo field trip (or virtual field trip which I can arrange). Classes would then collaborate with an international class regarding their experiences.

The project has potential to happen again in the fall of 2016.

Please email alisa.slavens@ttu.edu if you are interested.

Key Words: zoo, animals, global collaboration

Project Details

Project Level: Basic Project

Curriculum Fit: Arts; Language; Mathematics; Science; Technology; International Relations; Multicultural Studies

Technologies Used: Email; List server; Desktop Document Sharing; Discussion Forum; Blogs; Text: stories; essays; letters; Graphics: photo; draw; paint; Audio: files; clips; CDs; tapes; Video: files; clips; CDs; tapes

Collaboration Styles Used: Information Exchange; Live Expedition; Keypals; Electronic Appearance or Q & A; Intercultural Exchange; Global Classroom; Virtual Meeting or Gathering

Full Project Description:

This is part of a PhD graduate research study through Texas Tech University.

You would start by participating in two surveys. One in either global mindedness or global competence and one regarding your teaching pedagogy.

Complete a zoo-centered professional development. ?I spoke to my advisor and since there are global teachers involved, he thinks I should lead this PD (via video recording) so that all teachers receive a consistent PD. The PD, AT MOST, would be a 3 hour training (but I doubt it will be that long). This PD would focus on making the most of a zoo visit and applying zoo/animal concepts in non-science curriculum (most of these activities can be done in a classroom should you not be able to take a zoo field trip with your class). I will be targeting the training to the standards of your specific grade level. I will also provide you with ample resources to use in your classroom. Just as an FYI, I'm not an average Joe with a zoo-centered PD as I worked in the Education Department of the Dallas Zoo for 5 years prior to becoming a teacher, so a zoo-PD will not be a new task for me.

Ideally, your class(es) would take a field trip to the zoo, but if not, we can make arrangements (potentially a virtual field trip or a Skype-like zoo interaction). I would like you to implement some of the PD lessons prior to and post zoo visit but that will ultimately be your decision.

Your class would participate in a global collaboration with an international class centered around your zoo visit or animals in general. I'm going to try to arrange to be present for these. You would wrap up by taking surveys complementary to the ones at the beginning of the study.

I would be conducting interviews (via Skype but possibly in person) throughout as well.

Registration Information

Registration Status: Closed

Registration Dates: 3/15/16 to 12/20/16

Registration Instructions: Please email the project coordinator stating your interest.

to send email to project coordinator.

Project Coordinator Information

Alisa Slavens -
The Colony High School
The Colony, Texas, United States

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