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Basic Project Information

Title: Seasonal Changes Through Our Eyes and Yours (ID:1855)

Begin & End Dates: 10/15/15 to 6/30/16 (Completed)

Number of Classrooms: 25

Age Range:  7 - 10 Years

Target Audience: Anyone

Summary: Take a tree, some sun, the seasons, and temperature. Mix in technology and extension activities. Add a roomful of smiles and a year full of learning. You’ve got the perfect recipe for a motivating project in which students collect and share information with another class about their environment.

Key Words: science, weather, community, global communities, interpersonal exchanges

Project Details

Project Level: Basic Project

Curriculum Fit: Language; Social Studies; Science; Technology; Information Technology; Community Interest; Multicultural Studies

Technologies Used: Email; List server; Desktop Document Sharing; Web-published; Blogs; Text: stories; essays; letters; Graphics: photo; draw; paint; Spreadsheet: data; analysis; Audio: files; clips; CDs; tapes

Collaboration Styles Used: Information Exchange; Pooled Data Analysis; Electronic Publishing; Keypals; Intercultural Exchange; Global Classroom; Parallel Problem Solving; Virtual Meeting or Gathering

Full Project Description:

We are interested in comparing and contrasting seasonal data with other classrooms in environments/climates different than ours. Students will observe changes in a specific tree, temperature, seasons, and times the sun rises and sets. They will share findings via e-mail and videoconferencing, if the district has the capability.

Activity #1 Tree Observation Choose a tree in your school community. It should be a deciduous tree. (Not an evergreen). Have the class make observations about the tree such as: · Shape of leaves · Amount of leaves · Compare to other trees · Color of leaves · Color of bark · Trunk (shape and size) · Branches (lots or few, long or short) · Fruit? · Have any leaves fallen off yet? · Shape of tree · Any signs of animal life? Have students draw the tree and record any observations of it on the tree journal template. Choose between 2-5 student drawings and scan or send them. Take a photo of the class tree and attach a digital image or send by mail.

Activity #2 Temperature Record the temperature for one week at the same time each day. Chart the temperature on the template on the web page.

Activity #3 What clothes do I wear? Have students draw a picture of themselves wearing the appropriate clothing for that season. Choose between 2-5 student drawings and scan or send by mail.

Activity #4 Sunrise/Sunset Record the sunrise and sunset times for each day of the observation week on the template on the web page. For specific sunrise and sunset times in your area, you can visit: www.sunrisesunset.com


Students will observe, record, and measure seasonal changes for one week during the winter, and spring seasons. Students will… · Observe and record the changes in one tree throughout the seasons · Observe and record changes in clothing throughout the seasons · Observe and record changes in the temperature, sunrise and sunset · Report and communicate results to participating school communities through the use of technology · Analyze data, make comparisons, and draw conclusions from data received from other communities

Project URL: http://lakelandschools.us/do/lbrandon/Seasons/home.htm

Registration Information

Registration Status: Closed

Registration Dates: 8/01/15 to 10/19/15

Registration Instructions: This project began in February 2001 and this is the 14th year that it will be running successfully. It has been written about in "Learning and Leading with Technology," ISTE's publication and was selected by Intel's Innovation Odyssey as a spotlighted project. Registration should be done before October 15, 2014.

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Project Registration URL: http://lakelandschools.us/do/lbrandon/Seasons/home.htm

Project Coordinator Information

Linda Brandon -
Lakeland Central School District
Shrub Oak, New York, United States

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