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Ohio, India Students Take Top Honors in
International Diplomacy Competition
2005 Doors to Diplomacy Awards Announced

[San Diego, May 10, 2005] The Department of State is pleased to announce the selection of two winning websites for its 2005 Doors to Diplomacy Award. The awards recognize the websites that best teach about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy. A total of 293 student teams from 39 countries, ranging in age from 15-18, participated in the contest, which was co-sponsored by the Department of State and Global SchoolNet.

The winning sites are:

All the World Is One: This site, built by a team of students from Ryan International School in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, explores international security by considering global realities and threats while celebrating the mutual cooperation and celebration that support diplomacy. "We made a conscious effort to involve members from different walks of life in our project, " stated team coach Mrs. Madhuri Parti.

Vaccinations for Nations: This site was built by a team of students from Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Their site aims to educate young people about the diseases that ravage innocent children, and also provides ways to help. When asked the about impact of their work, team coach Jacqueline Konwinski said, "Our project will have a profound impact because we will be able to reach teenagers with our website, and they will learn new things about childhood diseases and hopefully pass this information on to others."

Each student member of the winning Doors to Diplomacy Award teams will receive a $2,000 scholarship and a trip to Washington, DC this spring, where they will receive a private tour of the State Department facilities, meet with key officials, and participate in a special award presentation ceremony. In addition, the winning coaches and schools will each receive a $500 cash award. Global SchoolNet partners with the Washington DC-based Institute of International Education to develop a comprehensive schedule of events for the two winning teams come  to Washington, DC, in June 6-9, 2005.

Judging was performed by peers and educational professionals, with the final selections made by a team of State Department judges from the Bureaus of Public Affairs and Educational and Cultural Affairs. The winning sites will be linked from the State Department's youth site at www.future.state.gov  later this month. Global SchoolNet (www.globalschoolnet.org) is a not-for-profit, Internet-based education program. The Doors to Diplomacy Award was specially created for CyberFair, a contest that encourages students and educators to join together to build high-quality, educational Web sites on a variety of topics. "Global SchoolNet was founded twenty years ago by classroom teachers who believed that in a connected world -- students need a global perspective," said Director Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres, and added "Students must often use diplomacy to decide what content to include in their web projects."

These Web site entries will be available on the web as learning tools to millions of people around the globe.

Learn more about Doors to Diplomacy projects at http://www.globalschoolhouse.org/gsh/DOORS/


Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres
Global SchoolNet
Telephone: 760-635-0001
E-mail: diplomacy@globalschoolnet.org

Janice Clark
U.S. Department of State

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