Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Traian High School (2012 Doors to Diplomacy Project ID 7342)
Romania, Constanta
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 8. Arts and Culture

We estimate 2 student(s) from 16 to 18 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Team: Sorina Tepelus, Mihai Serban

Project Description: IMAGINATION- a new lifestyle

Technically acting as a sunscreen and weather barrier the curved façade is fully glazed and combines the curtain wall glazing with horizontal lamellas and vertical glass fins. The position and size of each of the façade elements are derived from a twisted frame system, which is related to the interior organisation of the building. The concave front of the building displays different fluent forms when seen from varying distances and directs the visual field of the customers traveling on the spiraling escalators. Edge-lighting for the vertical glass fins spreads soft colours onto the façade by night. The lighting intensity and colour effects are digitally controlled and choreographed adding another layer of fluidity to the building’s skin.

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