Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Saint Louis University Laboratory High School (2012 Doors to Diplomacy Project ID 7269)
Philippines, Benguet, Baguio City
Official Status: Incomplete: under Development
Category: 3. Trade/International Economics

We estimate 4 student(s) from 15 to 15 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Team: "Carmela P. (15) is a Religious young lady who gained confidence by joining church choir.

Rosette A. (15) is a young lady whose family always bond during Sundays, that why she discovered a lot of thriving food businesses.

Nichelle A. (15) is a new girl in town who wanted to know Baguio City better.

Ameerah C. (15) is a studious young lady who is fun of discovering new things. "

Project Description: " Baguio Cityis known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of its cold climate and abundant pine trees. Because of this title, this city relies on tourism as a source of income and when tourists are around, food will definitely be needed.Baguio City, being a city for more than 100 years is already established and has several hotels and restaurants. However, many entrepreneurs, whose ideas are incomparable are trying their luck and start their food business.

We know that these thriving small food businesses struggle to be recognized even if they have good things to offer because of the established food stores.We are also alarmed that these flourishing food businesses are unknown not only to tourist and visitors, but also to local citizens as well. These concepts motivated our team to work for a website in order to support and promote some flourishing food business in our city.

Specifically, we have formulated two goals to serve as our basis in creating the site: 1) Attract tourist. Our team concluded that an ideal instrument to attract tourist isto let them experience an ambiance and to satisfy their hunger with food that are available only in this city. We believe that unlike tourist spots, internet and pictures cannot satisfy one’s eagerness regarding these food products.

2) Introduce small but thriving food businesses. As residents of this city, we know a lot of small food businesses that exist and operate. We are also aware that even some local individuals are unaware of their presence. Hence, we arrive at an aim to introduce them. It is our will for them to be recognized and be appreciated. It is our desire that these small food businesses will prosper.

In simpler sense, we have chosen this kind of project to help Baguio City attract tourist through the unique food and ambiance that thriving local food businesses can offer. "

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