Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Saint Louis University Laboratory High School (2012 Doors to Diplomacy Project ID 7266)
Philippines, Benguet, Baguio City
Official Status: Incomplete: under Development
Category: 3. Trade/International Economics

We estimate 4 student(s) from 14 to 15 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Team: "Floyd R., 14 - A small guy with big dreams. He is a member of Young Men’s Christian Association – Kaitagi Judo Club, a duly organized Judo club in Baguio City. He has joined and won numerous awards in Judo competitions. His persevering attitude as an athlete enabled our group to continue working despite difficulties.

Anika P., 14 – A young lady who is fond of reading novels that lets her widen her imagination and vocabulary skills that she applied in composing the contents of this site.

Kyle D., 15- a girl who is fund in playing the Violin and a good dancer. Her creativity was exemplified in building a website.

Nikolai A., 15- a girl who enjoys dancing and playing the piano. Aside from these skills, she also enjoys cooking that’s why she became the main proponent of the concepts of the website. "

Project Description: "Filipinos are people who are fun of parties. Even simple occasions are celebrated luxuriously. Filipinos are known to be hospitable and because of this characteristic, the guests during these celebrations are not only limited to those whom the hosts personally invited but extends to the friends and acquaintances of the guests. Whenever this situation happens, it enables more people to meet and socialize. Aside from socializing, the dishes served during gatherings are the highlights. For a Filipino celebration, numerous dishes are being served and most often, these are not our local and distinct Filipino dishes. This observation prompted our group to create a website to convey that Filipino dishes have many reasons to be liked and be patronized not only by Filipinos but by other Nationalities. To name some, our featured dishes are easy – to – prepare, nutritious affordable and can be eaten by various groups. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, a famous quotation of Robert Byrne which means that if we like to be friends with others, one way is by providing him with food that he will appreciate; hopefully, our website can help others find a suited dish for people who are close to his/her heart or to those whom he/she wants her heart to be close to. This website aims to provide the viewers relevant data of several Filipino dishes that we are proud of. Each dish will be provided with a time tested recipe and a step – by – step video tutorial so that the viewers will not only see the pictures of the dishes but they will be able to try cooking, enjoy eating and hopefully learn to love and appreciate the dishes. Since our site will be open and will be available to all, we hope that even non – Filipinos will be able to view it and try the dishes that are featured in our site. "

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