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International Schools CyberFair Project Narrative
Title: Teachers Exposed
Category: 1. Leadership Traits

School: Saint Louis Laboratory High School
    Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

4 students, ages 14-15 worked together to complete this Doors to Diplomacy project on March 16, 2012. They have participated in Doors to Diplomacy in the following year(s): 2011

Classes and Teachers: Florida Martin, Vincent Tabor, Kerish, Rabielle, Gretchen, Ana Rica

E-Mail contact:

Our School's Web Site:

Project Overview

1. Description of Our Team

Four third year high school students joined forces to create a website to give credit to our dear educators whom we believe are great factors in molding the young to become good members of society.

Ana Rica Ana Rica is a fifteen year old girl, a responsible and reliable student with the ability of leading, and has the love for photography and with a slight knowledge about website making had been our leader for the said entry. Since her elementary life she had always been looking up and respecting her teachers, thanks to one educator she had met who had changed her perspective in life and who had taught her how to deal with the ups and downs of life. She wishes to show her gratitude to all teachers by making this entry. .

Kerish Kerish, sixteen, is an honest and helpful friend and classmate who knows her English well. Her life was changed by a loving teacher who had made her open more to the people around her. She had written the articles that are seen in the website.

Trisha Trisha, fifteen, is a cheerful person who loves communicating. She was assigned with the job of interviewing of teachers. She once made a research about the ways students disrespect their teachers and because of that, she wanted to show what their teachers have done for them and that they deserve to be respected.

Gretchen Gretchen, fifteen, is an intelligent and enthusiastic person. She knows her grammar and she is very good editor. She wanted to change how people disrespect and disdain the teachers and she wanted to show everyone that the educators make a lot of difference in the lives of their students and pupils.

2. Summary of Our Project

'Teaching is the noblest profession.' We often hear this but are we aware on its true meaning? Our project is about teachers whom we want others see as leaders in their own rights. They may not be elected leaders who are always visible to the public and whose works are not often acknowledged but their impact to their pupils and students are for a lifetime.

Most often while students are still entrusted under the care of their teachers, negative notions like mean and strict are seen that often lead these students to hate their teachers but when students mature, they start to realize and value the efforts of their teachers.

Based on our observations, we see that people don't give due importance to their teachers and many even look down at them because of the bad image that are revealed by media because of wrong doings of few teachers. This observation led our group to work on a site entitled 'Teachers Exposed'. We would like to bring out the real lives of teachers whether they are good or bad. We would also like to bring out that there are many difficulties that are faced by our teachers so our society must show respect to our cherished teachers.

As students, we were alarmed with the truth stated above so we researched and interviewed teachers from schools in Baguio City and found out several inspiring stories that led us to the creation of this website

Our website contains relevant information about teachers' lives and their impact to society especially in teaching and molding young people, who are the hope of our nation, not only with knowledge but with good values. We hope that the lives of teachers that are presented in our site would encourage every viewer to be united in giving respect that each teacher rightfully deserves.

3. Our Computer and Internet Access

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home:more than 50%

B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:more than 6

C. Connection speed used in the classroom:dedicated connection

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet:2-3

4. Problems We Had To Overcome

While making this project, we have faced many problems but we were able to overcome them all. The first problem we encountered was time. Being students, we had to do our homework and projects and we also had club meetings and practices which some of us could not afford to miss. Sometimes when we did have time, the teachers we wanted to interview were the ones who were busy. The second problem was looking for teachers with great stories. We heard a lot of inspiring stories from the teachers in our school but we do not like to interview teachers from one school only. We went to different schools but found few. Other teachers were also reluctant and refused to be interviewed.

The problems we encountered were solved because of our determination. We set time to do interviews and we are thankful to have found great teachers to be interviewed.

5. Our Project Sound Bite

'Draw your strength from the greatest teacher of all time, Jesus.' Socrates taught for 40 years, Plato for 50, Aristotle for 40, and Jesus for only 3. Yet the influence of Christ's 3-year ministry infinitely transcends the impact left by the combined 130 years of teaching from these men who were among the greatest philosophers of all antiquity.

We stay with our teachers for long hours but only for a few months but their impact on our lives are for a lifetime. Often times, we take them for granted so while doing the research, we reasons to acknowledge them and give them the respect they deserve.

6. How did your activities and research for this Doors to Diplomacy Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

When we started to make the project, the topic about teachers came out of nowhere. We worked on it like it was just another task that we needed to finish to get good grades. But when the interviews were done, we realized that the site that we would be making became more important to us and we had hoped that it would have great influence on people all over the world.

While making the project, it was difficult to find time to interview teachers because of our schedule and that of the teachers'. We had difficulty in writing the articles. But thanks to this project, we became more responsible and the bond of our friendship became stronger. It was difficult to make the website but we had fun doing it.

Project Elements

1) What information tools & technologies did you used to complete your Doors to Diplomacy project?


Notepad-used in creating the website

Adobe Photoshop-used in making the graphics for the site

Hardware Desktop Computer and Laptops-used in surfing the net

Cell phones-used for communicating with group members and teachers to be interviewed

Camera- to photograph the teachers and to record the interviews

2) In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your Doors to Diplomacy project both on-line and in person.

We conducted interviews and acted as speakers or ambassadors by asking meaningful questions and the answers we got are seen on the website. We also listened well to the teacher whom we interviewed and learned a lot from their experiences.

3) What has been the impact of your project on your community?

By exposing the true qualities of a teacher we hope to make a difference on dignifying teachers.

4) How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Through interviews we were able to involve the community.


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