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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: Approved Projects (all participants)
Subject: Do You Want to Know What Makes an Outstanding CyberFair Project?
Date: 09 Feb 2021 12:38 PST (GMT -8)

Do You Want to Know What Makes an Outstanding CyberFair Project?

Dear CyberFair Participants,

Every year after the winners are announced, we get MANY questions about the what makes an outstanding CyberFair project.

So, here is what you need to know:

CyberFair projects get EXTRA POINTS if the project:

1. Tells how the project supports the CyberFair CURRENT THEME.

2. Provides detailed EVIDENCE of LEARNING and education value.

3. Describes the RESEARCH process and learning outcomes.

4. Lists the individual team members and provides details about the CONTRIBUTIONS of each team member.

5. Involves MANY contributors to the project.

6. Presents a WORK PLAN that includes a timeline, tasks, and progress reports.

7. Includes ORIGINAL work, writing, photos, videos, or drawings created by the participants.

8. Includes an INTERACTIVE component, such as a survey, comments section, quiz, or game.

9. Includes a detailed BIBLIOGRAPHY with proper citations.

10. Provides INSIGHTFUL Peer Review comments for the assigned reviews.

11. Explains the IMPACT of the project on your school and your community.

12. Tells how students functioned as "AMBASSADORS" or spokespersons for their project both on-line and in person.

13. Talks about FUTURE plans.

14. Includes links to NEWS articles or broadcast media about your project.

15. If the project is interesting, informative, and fun!


CyberFair projects LOSE POINTS if the:

• CyberFair PARTICIPANT BANNER is missing. • BIBLIOGRAPHY is missing. • Work is NOT original. It is copied from other websites and not properly cited. • Topic does not support the CyberFair THEME. • Project does not provide EVIDENCE of learning. • Project requires viewers to download special PLUGINS to view the projects. • PEER REVIEW assignments were not completed as instructed.


Your CyberFair Support Team

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