CyberFair 2005 Winners!


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Prepare and Unite:  Future Thinking Youth Showcase Community Achievements

[SAN DIEGO - May 19, 2005] 582 schools from 109 countries participated in Global SchoolNet's International Schools CyberFair 2005 competition.

In partnership with the World Future Society, the theme for CyberFair 2005 was "Prepare and Unite!" Students were encouraged to prepare for the future - by thinking about their own future plans, the conditions that will affect the future of their community, and future issues of global importance. The top projects originated from Taiwan, Australia, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. Projects that best illustrate "future thinking" will be presented at the World Future Society international conference in Chicago, July 2005.

International Schools CyberFair is an award-winning, authentic learning program used by schools and youth organizations around the world. Youth conduct original research and publish their findings on the Web. Recognition is given to the best projects in each of eight categories: local leaders, businesses, community organizations, historical landmarks, environment, music, art, and local specialties. This White House endorsed program encourages youth to become community ambassadors by working collaboratively and using technology to share what they have learned. Students evaluate each other's projects by using a unique online evaluation tool. Winning schools receive ImageBlender software from Tech4Learning and a subscription to Futurist Magazine.

 Now in its 10th year, the annual contest has involved more than one million students from 4,500 schools in 109 countries and is the longest running international cyber event for schools. For more information about CyberFair visit www.globalschoolhouse.org/cf


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