CyberFair 2002 Winners




Care and Unite: Kids Use the Internet
                to Tell How Their Local Communities Care

SAN DIEGO - May 22, 2002: Over 40,000 students from 155 schools worldwide participated in Global SchoolNet’s International Schools CyberFair competition this year, including 70 schools from the Asia/Pacific region, with affiliate programs in Taiwan and the Philippines. As tribute to the Sept 11th tragedy the theme for CyberFair 2002 was "Care and Unite!" Students worldwide used the Web to publish stories about people or programs in their own local communities that convey a sense of caring. The stories were compelling, with the top projects originating from Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Maine and Indiana.

“In contrast to the daily sad events reported in the media, it was healing and inspiring to read story after story written by children, about incredible caring people and communities,” said Yvonne Andres, co-founder and executive director of the Global SchoolNet Foundation.

Taiwanese students told about medical missionaries from Norway, who for fifty years gave relentlessly to the Aboriginal people living in Puli and its surrounding mountains. While other students revealed the surprising origin of the stone materials used for the Old City Wall of Taipei. And, at another school, students created a project that combined the beauty of Chinese traditional music and computer technology.

Students in Uzbekistan, in a desert area just north of Afghanistan, showcased organizations like “Doctors without Borders,” which provide humanitarian help to people in their community. Middle school students from Singapore demonstrated how despite being an urban city filled with skyscrapers, Singapore still manages to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

And representing the USA, Battle Ground Indiana Elementary School students used their web project to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe. While, students from Cannelton, a historical town located on the banks of the Ohio River, interviewed community elders about the Great Depression and World War II. And, third graders from Lewiston, Maine told about “Mainely Our Own Local Specialties.”

San Diego's own Creekside Elementary in Poway was a Gold place winner for their project "San Diego Cares About Marines."

"We want the community and world at large to realize what heroes we have living in our own backyard. We are proud to share our Marines with the world," says teacher Devora Garrison.

International Schools CyberFair, now in its seventh year, is an award-winning, authentic learning program used by schools around the world. Students conduct research about their local communities and then publish their findings on the World Wide Web. Recognition is given to schools for the best entries in each of eight categories: local leaders, businesses, community organizations, historical landmarks, environment, music, art, and local specialties. Competition judging also takes place online. Students evaluate the projects of other schools by using a Web-based evaluation tool designed by Global SchoolNet. The top forty entries are reviewed by a panel of distinguished international judges to determine the winners.

This White House endorsed competition encourages students to become ambassadors for their own local communities by working collaboratively with community members and using technology tools to publish a Web site that displays what they have learned. The annual contest has involved more than 500,000 students from 2,650 schools in 75 countries and is the longest running international cyber event for schools. For more information about CyberFair visit www.globalschoolhouse.org/cf


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