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Nantou County Changliu National Primary School (2019 CyberFair Project ID 8454)
Taiwan, Nantou County
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 5. Local Attractions (Natural and Man-Made)

We estimate 10 student(s) from 6 to 12 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: The proportion of Hakkas in the Guoxing is more than 75 percent. It is the largest Hakka settlement in Nantou County. The Hakka culture is strong, and it is a unique literati of the Guoxing. It is also an important part of sightseeing attraction. The water system in the township is complete. It has a rich development hinterland and is an area for planning the development potential of leisure and retirement.   The Hakka population of the township originated from the Hakka, Miaoli, Zhuolan, Dongshi and other places. For more than 100 years, it has been moved from all over the country and lived in the neighboring southern Fujian. The land, the four counties and the Taipu cavity coexist. The hackers live in harmony and form a unique Hakka township. They are very inclusive and different from the regional nature of Hsinchu and East.

Project Description: When you want to get close to nature and stay away from the busy pace of the city, you can come to this country with a Hakka culture and customs. With the hospitable Hakkas, you will enter the country and taste the rich scenery of the country. Gourmet with crops. In the whole year, the mountains are surrounded by the Guoxing. If you walk into the Guoxing in the spring of the spring, you must go to Nangang Village to enjoy the plum blossoms. The white plum blossoms along the road are dazzling in the mountains and forests, just like entering the paradise. In addition, this topic also introduces the historical and cultural attractions of Guoxing and township - Xianfo Temple, historical monuments, glutinous rice bridge, and stone culture park. And you can't miss the most local Hakka activities every year - the rush to succeed. Through the introduction of the website, you can learn more about the seasonal fruits in all seasons. The delicious sugar oranges, dates, peaches, oysters, etc. are all tourist attractions that you can't miss in the country.

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