Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics (2019 CyberFair Project ID 8432)
Taiwan, taipei
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 8. Local Music and Art Forms

We estimate 6 student(s) from 17 to 18 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: Yilan is situated at northeastern of Taiwan, which has beautiful mountains, delicious water and fresh air. Yilan County Government puts emphasis on traditional crafts and cultural asset preservation, taking advantage of local cultural resources to promote Yilan and stimulate sightseeing. After Hsuehshan Tunnel opened in 2006, it improved the traffic in Yilan. It not only facilitated the east region of Taiwan but also form one-day living circle between Yilan and Taipei. Therefore, Yilan is also called Taipei’s back garden. Taiwan’s traditional crafts root in the needs of everyday living. The real value of traditional crafts is “people”. Ms. Chen Hueimei, first preserver of entwining art, received approval from the Ministry of Culture, starting her career in National Center for Traditional Arts. Due to the promise and persistence of Mrs. Hsieh Chen Aiyu, Chen devotes to the preservation and promotion. She not only arouses the government’s notice but also instructs the youth, writes books and establishes the Chinese Entwining Art Association. She does a lot to the international interaction. She makes the entwining art have a new image and new face, and pushes it into the international platform.

Project Description: What is twined flower? Twined flower is a special handicraft in the folk society of Taiwan. Each bride must wear it when she is going to marry. What is “spring flower”? The system of entwining art can be categorized: the Minnan and the Hakka. Each region has developed its own spring flower with distinct features by different geographic location and life culture. The Minnan calls it “spring flower”. It is in a size of about 3 cm. However, the youth think that it is a troublesome tradition, which contains the background of story. The story is about love and youth that the elder want to have. The westerners use “ring” to represent lifetime protection and promise, which symbolizes forever love. The Chinese use “spring flower” to symbolize the connection and blessing between the elder and the youth. The spring flower worn on the head symbolizes luck and blessing. However, the industry era makes plastic spring flower boom. This makes the entwining art which has Taiwan traditional color and delicate folk art decline. With the rise of post modernism, people focus on customization and make the entwining art reappear. In terms of the project, we hope to give spring flower a new mark. The new generation reproduces the entanglement of flowers through the inheritance, and at the same time, the twined flowers are pushed to the international market through the rising rookies, so that the traditional entwining art is once again seen by the world, which in turn drives the popularization of the international “tradition and fashion aesthetics”.

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