Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Tainan Municipal Jhongyi Elementary School (2019 CyberFair Project ID 8429)
Taiwan, Tainan City
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 1. Local Leaders

We estimate 9 student(s) from 11 to 12 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: "Tainan is a place for people to dream, work, love, get married, and spend leisure time." - Ye Shitao. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. With its time-honor 300-year history, the city is well woven into the fabric of rich culture and interesting anecdotes. Details hidden inside the corners of streets, they yield the footprints left behind by ancestors as well as those precious, little stories being passed down generation by generation. A Temple in 3 Steps And A God within 5 Strides Owingto unique geographic backgrounds, Tainan was the financial hub of Taiwan in earlier times, harboring many cargo ships. Ever since being colonized by the Dutch, it set up a base for Tainan’s multicultural mix and then impacted the religions and customs from crowds of diversity here.Rituals And Prayers for Well-Being Is Characteristic of Local Customs In Tainan Tainan, “the Cultural Capital”, is pretty full of temples and ceremonies of variety and excitement. Old Restaurants of Gourmet Snacking Used to Be Like Mobil Museums of Delicacies Gourmet snacking in Tainan is originated from where people crowdedly got together, like streets around temples, night markets, and so on. In earlier days, those foods were sold by peddlers or with stalls on streets while nowadays most of them are transformed into major historical restaurants famous for gourmet snacking. Do not hesitate to come taste those Iconic gourmet snacking and to go on a journey rich of culture, culinary, and history of Tainan.

Project Description: The Grandmaster of plaque’s craft in Tainan, Mr. Huang Yao-Ru. Mr. Huang Yao-Ru had renovated the most famous four plaques in Tainan. There is special significance of plaque to the Chinese,for example:the temple events, and new buildings. He is eighty-six years old now, but still works everyday.His work experience has been 63 years. There are many processes for making a plaque. First,write the calligraphy of large and small characters. And then choose the suitable wood. The arrange the layout is also a matter of learning . Finally, get it into shape,paint and gild. The master’s twisted hand is covered with scars, which is caused by his carvings twisted over the years. From the interview,we learn the craft of plaque. What the most valuable thing is that we learn from Mr. Huang’s optimistic lifestyle. To be succeed, no pain no gain. Action speaks louder than words. In recent years,due to the development of computer technology , the craft of plaque fades away .Young people don’t want to learn the craft. So we need more people to engage in this tradition.We hope his craft could be substained.

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