Doors to Diplomacy Participants

Tainan Municipal Bo Dong Elementary School (2018 CyberFair Project ID 8378)
Taiwan, Tainan City
Official Status: Final Project: Ready for Judging
Category: 2. Community Groups and Special Populations

We estimate 4 student(s) from 11 to 12 will work on this entry.

Description of Our Community: Bo Dong elementary school is a school, less than one hundred students, and located in Taina city Kuanmiao district. Local people usually are farmers, and their main plants are bamboo and pineapple. In particular, pineapple is the most renowned, and most local famers are depending on it. Therefore, the transportation around Kuanmiao are developed raipdly to enhance the advantages of its tourism and exportation.

Project Description: In her early ages, she strived for living for many years in Taipei. However, she could not get used to the busy lifestyle in Taipei. Then, she decided to return to Pitou, Guanmiao, which was her hometown, to open a workshop. The workshop was named “A Single Flower”. Furthermore, she collaborated with a group of hot-spirited young people and initiated a youth studio in Guanmiao. We give our job and our future is determined by us. This is a story about a bold teenager from Guanmiao, and his name is Di Wei, Hsu. Every decision he made was originated from Guanmiao. Why did he do that? Guanmiao, Tainan is a hometown for pineapple, and its production is nearly the top in Taiwan. Not only pineapple can be edible, but the fiber of it also has numerous usages. Di Wei, Hsu, a young artist from Guanmiao, tried to use the fiber of pineapple to make paper or fabrics (clothes, or hat, etc.). They hope it can promote pineapple industry with more diversified culture perspectives, so that the hometown of pineapple will be known for more people.

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