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From: Global SchoolNet Foundation (
To: Approved Projects (all participants)
Subject: TEN more days to submit your Peer Reviews and we are counting on you!
Date: 08 Apr 2019 20:40 PST (GMT -8)

TEN more days to submit your Peer Reviews and we are counting on you!

And, so are all the students who worked so hard on their projects!

=> IMPORTANT: All reviews MUST be completed by April 19, 2019

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1. PEER REVIEW DEADLINE April 19, 2019

Log in to your checklist to see your assignments.

Be sure to read the rules carefully!

Introduce and discuss the criteria with your students.

You MUST complete all of your assigned reviews to eligible for an award.

Please be fair in your evaluations and leave detailed COMMENTS explaining the reasons for your scores.

DO NOT give a low score without explaining the reason why.

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If a project URL is not working, please wait a day and try again. If you still cannot access the project, give a score of ZERO. But, explain the reason in the comments section. ~Your CyberFair Support Team

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