20th Anniversary celebration - NECC Pioneers and Leaders

In 1999, NECC celebrated its 20th anniversary by honoring two groups: NECC Pioneers and Leaders -- educators from all levels who have been a part of bringing the NECC experience to audiences across the country for at least 10 years.

Click on the thumbnails to see photos taken in Atlantic City at NECC '99.

NECC Pioneers NECC Leaders

NECC Pioneers

NECC Leaders

NECC Pioneers
Alfred Bork, University of California, Irvine
Ludwig Braun, Retired
Margorie Cappo, Learning in Motion
Sylvia Charp, THE Journal
Jan Davidson
Wallace Feurzeig, BBN Technologies
Leroy Finkel, Deceased
Roberta Goodson, Retired
Harvy Long
Arthur Luehrmann, Computer Literacy Press
Andrew Molnar
David Moursund, ISTE
Seymour Papert, MIT
Al Rogers, Global SchoolNet Foundation
Tom Snyder, Tom Snyder Productions
Elliott Soloway, University of Michigan
Patrick Suppes, Stanford University
David Thornburg, Thornburg Center for Professional Development
Robert Tinker, The Concord Consortium
Frank Withrow, NASA Classroom of the Future

NECC Leaders
Richard Austing, University of Maryland
David Brittain, MGT of America, Inc.
Gerald Engel, University of Connecticut at Stamford
Steve Gilbert, The TLT Group, AAHE
Diana Harris, University of Iowa
James Kerlin, Pennsylvania State University
John Lawson, Pepperdine University, CA
Jesse Lewis, ECMI
Doris Lidtke, Towson State University, MD
Anita MacAnear, ISTE
Dave Moursund, ISTE
Mike Mulder, Deceased
Cathleen Norris, University of North Texas
Jim Poirot, University of North Texas
Nancy Roberts, Lesley College, MA
Ted Sjoerdsma, Retired (was: National Science Foundation - DUE/EHR)
Joe Turner, Clemson University, SC