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Abdi and Mary's Hakuna Matata Adventure

The Suitcase Exercise

(modified from Leland and Mary Howe)

Abdi and Mary are taking a sort of backpack/suitcase on their trip around the world. They want to be able to jump on and off trains, buses, ferries and donkey carts with ease. The packs are manufactured by Eagle Creek Travel Gear and are called Continental Journey. They are like a medium sized suitcase, yet can turn into a pack and be comfortably worn on a persons back--guess that is why they call them backpacks, huh? The main idea in choosing what to carry in a persons suitcase is to remember how often one will be carrying it. So the best advice anyone who has made a big trip gives is: PACK LIGHT. When one is going out to see the world, some items will have to be left behind. It is a trade-off.

So, with that in mind, make a list of all the items you would take on a 6 month away from home, family and friends journey. You only have enough space for the bare essentials. You can purchase some things along the way, but they might be very expensive compared to what you would pay at home. Look at the itinerary of Abdi and Marys trip. Research the weather, perhaps using a web site on the Internet. Also research the "dress code" of some of the countries they will be visiting. It would be improper to wear shorts in some of the places. Find out why. What special possessions could you not live without for 6 months? Pictures of family, friends? Your skateboard? Your teddy bear? Think of what you would be willing to give up to squeeze in your favorite CD (and CD player!)

After you have made the list, perhaps your teacher will have you share it with a small group of students. After hearing their lists, do you now want to change yours in any way?
24 April 2004

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