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Have your students ever created a newspaper of their own? Would they like to? In the Newsday Project, your students will write articles and post them for the whole world to see! Then they will read and choose articles from other schools to download and include in their own newspaper! Your students' reading and writing skills will improve while they learn about current local, national, and global issues. Give your students the opportunity to excel in a new and interesting way by registering for Newsday!

View our Online Newsday Archives

Grade levels appropriate for this project include upper elementary, junior high, and high school. Material in the Student Work Library will appeal to all age levels. This is an excellent project to encourage profitable inter-grade participation.

Newsday is a great literacy project... your students will get  reading and writing experience... as they enjoy articles created by their student collaborators.

Newsday has been a long-time favorite project here at the Global SchoolNet Foundation since we ran it the first time in 1990 on the pioneering pre-Internet FrEdMail Network.

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